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  • Clasquin, Michel (Collective Dharma Insight, 2004-08)
  • Clasquin, Michel (Journal of Global Buddhism, 2002)
    A Bibliography of works describing the arrival and development of Buddhism in South Africa, and also including General works on Buddhism by South African authors.
  • Clasquin, Michel (2009-08-25)
    While popular opinion holds that Buddhism and Christianity had very little contact before the 19th century, there are many indications that Buddhist ideas may have infiltrated Christendom at an earlier age. Buddhists, at ...
  • Clasquin, Michel (Journal for the Study of Religion, Sept-1993)
    This article follows on certain thoughts about the compatibility of human rights theory and traditional theistic religion by Martin Prozesky. The problem of reconciling human rights theory with the Buddhist doctrine of ...
  • Clasquin-Johnson, Michel (Clasquin-Johnson on Smashwords, 2011-03-17)
    Volume I in this series ended up more unified than I had planned. There are a few shorter pieces in it that are apropos of nothing at all, but for most of it, now that I read it again, I see how it reflects my own astonishment ...
  • Clasquin-Johnson, Michel (Michel Clasguin-Johnson on Smashwords, 2011-01-13)
    The emergence of e-books has created new opportunities for academic authors. Like many academics, there are a number of shorter works that I have published over the years for which I never signed away the electronic ...
  • Clasquin, Michel (Faith and Earthkeeping Project, 1997-12)
  • Clasquin, Michel (Journal for the Study of Religion, 2004)
    The Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC), about 12 kilometers from the town of Ixopo in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa, opened its doors for business in 1980. For twenty-five years it has been at the centre of the small but ...
  • Clasquin, Michel (Collective Dharma Insight, 2004)
  • Clasquin, Michel (2009-08-26)
  • Clasquin, Michel (2009-08-25)
    For almost as long as population statistics have been kept in South Africa, census reports have reported the existence of hundreds of black Buddhists. And for nearly as long, it has been obvious that there are two Buddhist ...
  • Clasquin, Michel (Theologia Evangelica, 1992-06)
    In this essay, the value and relevance of the study of Buddhism generally and at the University of South Africa in particular are described. Despite the small number of Buddhists in South Africa, Buddhology can benefit us ...

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