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  • Mokhele - Ramulumo, Moleboheng (2024-02-27)
  • Mokhele - Ramulumo, Moleboheng (2024-02-02)
  • Mphahlele, Ramashego Shila; Mbati, Lydia; Simui, PhD, Francis (2023-09-23)
    Research methodology is a theoretically grounded, well-articulated approach to data generation. It alludes to the research and evaluation of data generation methods. People’s decision about research methodologies is ...
  • Letsoalo, Napjadi; Gouws, Patricia; Mabaso, Delvah; Maponya, Maropeng; Letseleha, Mamoya; Ditsele, Pemla; Mzimba, Neliswa; Mchunu, Thabisile; Mabena, Sibongile; Takalani, Dakalo; Mncube, Thobile; Vilakazi, Snegugu (2023)
    At the heart of the Unisa Multilingual Robotics Glossary project lies a meticulous consideration of the structural and semantic features of English robotics terminology used in I-SET Robotics workshops and presentations. ...
  • Letsoalo, Napjadi (University of South Africa, 2023)
    This OER delves into the fascinating world of orthography and writing systems, exploring the fundamental concepts and principles that underlie the written communication systems used by various languages around the world. ...
  • Mbati, Lydia; Mphahlele, Ramashego Shila (2023-03-27)
    This research methodology chapter guiding tool provides a comprehensive guide to writing a research methodology chapter for academic research. The tool is designed to help students, researchers, and academics to structure ...
  • BADARU, Kazeem ; Mphahlele, Ramashego Shila (2023-03-14)
    Referencing is required to acknowledge the source(s) of the information used in any academic writing. Failure to properly acknowledge other author’s contribution to our own writing amounts to academic theft (plagiarism). ...
  • Mphahlele, Ramashego Shila; Mbati, Lydia (2023-03-10)
    Theoretical and conceptual frameworks are the foundation for research studies, providing a framework for understanding and interpreting the results. This guide explores the role of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in ...
  • Mphahlele, Ramashego Shila; Mbati, Lydia (2023-02-02)
  • Mphahlele, Ramashego Shila; Mbati, Lydia (2022-11-09)
  • van Wyk, Ireze (2022-11)
  • Le Roux, Hermione; Lombard, Ellen (2022)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik hoe om die Harvard-metode vir verwysings te gebruik.
  • Le Roux, Hermione (2022)
    This OER explains the concepts "direct and indirect speech acts"
  • Engelbrecht, Anné (2022)
    This OER explains the concept "summary lead"
  • Engelbrecht, Anné (2022)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik die konsep "opsommende inleier"
  • Schellnack-Kelly, Isabel (2022)
  • Grundlingh, Lezandra (2022)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik kortliks die woordsoort "werkwoorde"
  • Grundlingh, Lezandra (2022)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik kortliks die woordsoort "voornaamwoorde"
  • Grundlingh, Lezandra (2022)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik kortliks die woordsoort "voegwoorde"

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