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  • Abdool-Satar, Ashiya (2022-04-14)
  • Abdool-Satar, Ashiya (2022-04-14)
  • Probert, Tracy; Schaefer, Maxine; Wilsenach, Anneke Carien (2020)
    This OER (Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analysis Workshop 2020) consists of the syllabus that was used to teach quantitative research design and analysis methods to graduate Linguistics students in a blended course ...
  • Futcher, Jarryd; Mdali, Lindiwe (2021)
    These video sessions aims to review your knowledge of academic writing and how to go about constructing appropriate essays and paragraphs. These videos were created as revision materials for the postgraduates of the Honours ...
  • Nel, Jessica Jane (2022)
    This video takes students through some of the basic functions of the new myModules virtual learning environment. It also includes examples of assessments using a real module int he department of Business Management at Unisa.
  • Carien, Wilsenach; Ferris, Fiona; Schaefer, Maxine; Lindiwe, Mdali; Futcher, Jarryd (2022)
    These glossaries provide the meanings of terminology for the postgraduate course, Honours in Applied Linguistics, in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages (University of South Africa). The terminologies are ...
  • Roux, Alwyn (2021)
    "The writing bus with Alwyn" is a creative writing program for each week of the semester. The program starts with "an introduction to the writing bus", explaining the basic concept of writing. Then, four screencasts focus ...
  • Letsoalo, Napjadi; Mathevula, Delvah; Gouws, Patricia (2021)
    South Africa has 11 official languages and the 12th one was gazetted recently. It would seem that almost all these languages, except English and Afrikaans, have been approved just for ceremonial purposes as they are still ...
  • Carney, Terrence (2021)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik hoe om werkwoordstukke te identifiseer.
  • Carney, Terrence (2021)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik hoe om naamwoordstukke te identifiseer.
  • Carney, Terrence (2021)
    Hierdie hulpbron verduidelik hoe om sinstukke en stukbeelde in Afrikaans te identifiseer.
  • Jessica, Nel (2021-09-11)
    This video reviews the challenges that small and medium enterprises face when launching into international markets. It also examines the various options SMEs have to extend their business model in a profitable way to new ...
  • Letsoalo, Napjadi; Maponya, Maropeng; Makua, Mmagonkahloleng; Sello, Kealeboga; Somo, Mapule; Moumakoe, Tumisang (2021)
    The Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages collaborates with Mzansi Taal on a project for a South African Lingo dictionary and encyclopedia. Language is developing at a rapid rate because of multilingualism and new ...
  • Carney, Terrence (2022)
  • Letsoalo, Napjadi (2021)
    This is an open educational resource that presents the classification of articulator movements during the articulation of speech sounds. There are 46 consonants presented in this resource and are organised according to ...
  • Nel, Jessica Jane (2021)
  • Nel, Jessica Jane (2021)
    An example of how either the marketing or the supply chain function of an MNE may contribute resources that are valuable, rare, inimitable, and organisable.
  • Nel, Jessica Jane (2021)
  • Nel, Jessica Jane (2021)

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