Recent Submissions

  • Enfolding 
    Miller, Gwenneth (2020)
    The series of artworks formed part of a project, "Enfolding" that researched memory embedded in folds and layers; captured in sites and objects. Painterly marks and stains express the nature of memory to be detailed at ...
  • Miller, Gwenneth (2019)
    The small ink sketch formed part of a larger body of work in the exhibition “Enfolding”. The work simply captures the whirlpool of folded sheets at the foot of the hospital bed. The lines and patterns traced the physical ...
  • Miller, Gwenneth (2020)
    “The thread of all sorrows” was compiled from digitally cropped details from various Renaissance paintings portraying lamentation. The concepts of this work and the ink drawing "Sorrow" recognise that the experience of ...
  • Sorrow 
    Miller, Gwenneth (2020)
    The drawing was presented as port of solo exhibition titled: “Enfolding”, which finds an echo in Gilles Deleuze' (1993) writing on The fold. The ink drawing "Sorrow" developed as an extension of the print work “The thread ...
  • Miller, Gwenneth (2020)
    The first section of the ink drawing's title "Forest for my love" originates from the physical site of a park where trees were planted as an act of remembrance. The series of artworks reflect on healing rituals and ethic ...
  • Miller, Gwenneth (2020)
    The ink drawing depicts impressions of a hospital room and details of life-preserving equipment, such a s IV drips, a monitor, electrical wiring and a wash bowl. Central to the composition is a suggestion of a veiled figure ...

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