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  • Eisinger, N; Ohlbach, HJ (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1993)
    A general theory of deduction systems is presented The theory is illustrated with deduction systems based on the resolution calculus, in particular with clause graphs. This theory distinguishes four constituents of a ...
  • Goslett, J.; Hulley, H; Melton, A (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1993)
    This tutorial is an introduction to denotational semantics and domain theory. For this reason the presentation is not entirely rigorous, with some proofs being omitted and certain simplifying assumptions being made. Instead, ...
  • Zucker, J; Pretorius, L (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1993)
    These are notes for a short introductory course on Computability Theory (or recursive function theory). The basic notion of computability is defined in terms of a simple imperative programming language.
  • Maddux, RD (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1993)
    The definitions for Dijkstra's predicate transformer semantics can be justified by considering the meaning of a program as a binary relation on states (which holds between two states if there is a terminating computation ...

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