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This community contains collections of research intellectual outputs produced by members of Unisa Council and Executive Management.

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  • Pityana, Nyameko Barney (2009-07)
    It behoves us as an institution to reflect, I believe, on our essential message to the world and how that message is lived and experienced in the life of our university. I was reminded that such introspection is warranted ...
  • Pityana, Nyameko Barney (2010-03-17)
    As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2010, we are mindful of a number of matters on the agenda of the higher education sector as a whole, and the University of South Africa in particular. First, we received the ...
  • Pityana, Nyameko Barney (2009-10-21)
    On 21 October the Council on Higher Education held a Consultative Conference on Higher Education in South Africa. The Conference was held to mark the publication of the CHE’s HE Monitor No. 8 which bears the same title. ...
  • Pityana, Nyameko Barney (2009-07-05)
    If the next century is going to be characterised as a truly African Century, for social and economic progress of the African people, the century of durable peace and sustained development in Africa, then the success… is ...
  • Pityana, Nyameko Barney (2009-08-24)
    The second UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 5‐8 July 2009. The theme of the World Conference was “The New Dynamics of Higher Education and Research for Societal ...