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Palladium in GaN: A 4d metal ordering ferromagnetically in a semiconductor

Show simple item record Osuch K. en Lombardi E.B. en Adamowicz L. en 2012-11-01T16:31:34Z 2012-11-01T16:31:34Z 2005 en
dc.identifier.citation Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics en
dc.identifier.citation 71 en
dc.identifier.citation 16 en
dc.identifier.issn 10980121 en
dc.identifier.other 10.1103/PhysRevB.71.165213 en
dc.description.abstract It is shown that a 4d metal (palladium) orders ferromagnetically in GaN, forming a dilute magnetic semiconductor. The ferromagnetic ordering occurs despite Pd being nonmagnetic in its natural phase. Pd0.0625 Ga0.9375 N is shown to possess a magnetic moment of 1.3 μB per supercell, with a spin-polarized impurity band in the GaN band gap and the Fermi level lying within this band. The impurity band is shown to arise from the hybridization of the Pd 4d level with N 2p states. Though the largest experimental and theoretical focus up to now has been on 3d metals such as Mn in III-V and II-VI semiconductors, the results presented here show that 4d metals such as palladium, may also be considered as candidates for ferromagnetic dopants in semiconductors. This broadens the range of dopants which may be taken into account in attempts to overcome technological and other barriers related to the dopants used presently to obtain magnetically ordered semiconductors for potential spintronic applications. © 2005 The American Physical Society. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.title Palladium in GaN: A 4d metal ordering ferromagnetically in a semiconductor en
dc.type Article en

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