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"Door-to-needle time"; Acute myocardial infarction; Coronary reperfusion; Thrombolytic therapy; United Arab Emirates (1)
1,1-diphenylethylenes; Amination; Atom transfer radical polymerization; Functionalization; Functionalized polystyrene; Telechelic polymers; Tertiary amine groups Amination; Functional polymers; Gas chromatography; Initiators (chemical); Molecular weight distribution; Organic polymers; Polystyrenes; Size exclusion chromatography; Spectroscopic analysis; Styrene; Synthesis (chemical); Thin layer chromatography; Atom transfer radical polymerization; Diphenylethylenes; Functionalization; Functionalized polystyrene; Telechelic polymers; Tertiary amine group; Free radical polymerization (1)
2-Arylquinolin-4(1H)-ones; Solution phase, solid state and gas phase studies quinoline derivative; article; drug structure; drug synthesis; gas; infrared spectroscopy; mass spectrometry; mathematical computing; nuclear magnetic resonance; quantum chemistry; solid state; X ray crystallography (1)
2010 FIFA world cup; Banal nationalism; Nation-building; Pan-africanism; Sport mega-event apartheid; conceptual framework; identity construction; nationalism; racism; sport; state building; South Africa (1)
Abnormalities; Abortions; Environment; Glossina; Ovulation; Pyrethroids; Reproduction; Sublethal effects deltamethrin; insecticide; pyrethrum extract; unclassified drug; animal experiment; article; controlled study; developmental stage; ecosystem; female; fertility; forest; Glossina morsitans; lethality; nonhuman; ovulation; Pyrethrum; reproductive toxicity; survival; Diptera; Glossina (genus); Glossina pallidipes; Glossinidae (1)
ABS; Charpy impact strength; HIPS; PETG; Polymer blends ABS; Binary blends; Charpy impact; Charpy impact strength; High impact; HIPS; Impact property; Parent polymers; PETG; Styrene/butadiene/styrene; Tensile and impact properties; Tensile yield strength; Terephthalate; Ternary blends; ABS resins; Butadiene; Dynamic analysis; Dynamic mechanical analysis; Ethylene; Impact strength; Mechanical properties; Polymers; Styrene; Tensile strength; Polymer blends; impact; mechanical property; polyacrylonitrile; polybutadiene; polyethylene terephthalate; polymer blend; polystyrene; strength; tensile property (1)
Access control; Aspect-oriented programming Access control; Computer privacy; Information management; Information systems; Legacy systems; Software design; Aspect-oriented implementation; E-consent; Existing system; Foster trust; Object oriented programming (1)
Accident prevention; Health hazards; Health risks; Occupational risks; Risk management; Quality hearing conservation; Ear protectors (1)
Accounting information; Attribute; Classification; Reclassification (1)
Accretion disks; Stars: cataclysmic variables; Stars: individual: WW Cet (1)

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