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These are collections that were donated to and digitised by the Unisa Library. The physical items are kept in the Unisa Library Archives.

Sub-communities within this community

Recent Submissions

  • Marivate, D. C.
    An address to the Valdezia Students Association by Rev. Marivate, dated March 29, 1931. He emphasizes the importance of making the most of opportunities.
  • Unknown author
    Black-and-white photograph
  • Nortje, Arthur (2015)
    Oxford journal of Arthur Nortje while studying at Jesus College Oxford in the UK. Dated 1965 to 1969 transcribed from the original handwritten manuscript.
  • South African Public Library (Bridekirk, 1834)
    Catalogue of the books available in the Public Library in Cape Town in 1834. It includes the Dessinian Collection of Books which was left to the Library by Mr Joachim Nicholas van Dessin. The Benefactors to the South ...
  • Unknown author (2014-07-02)
    Various black-and-white photographs of people at Lovedale and Valdezia, the teachers and the Jubilee committee.
  • Marivate, D. C. (2013-12-03)
    Rev. Marivate addresses a group of people, including Mr. Borches on occasion of a display by the Pathfinders of Valdezia School.
  • Marivate, D. C. (2013-12-03)
    Rev. Marivate addressed the community stating his dismay of the revoking of Mr. Liebenberg, the school inspector. Includes a program for the farewell reception for the inspector. Dated October 24, 1935.
  • Unknown author (2013-12-03)
    Exercise book with various written exercises on geography and mathematics. Dated 1925 -1926.
  • Unknown author (2013-12-03)
    Photographs commemorating the completion of the translation and handing over of the Tsonga Bible.
  • Unknown author (Basler Mission. Swiss Mission., 1940-02)
    Volume 14, issues one and two of 'Der Wanderer' published in February and April 1940. These journals contain articles about the missionary work of the Swiss Presbyterian Mission (in collaboration with the Basel Mission) ...
  • Letters. 
    Unknown author (2013-11-29)
    Letters from various people to D. C. Marivate and also from him to various people.
  • Marivate, D. C. (2013-11-29)
    A notebook with handwritten entries on various subjects. It contains personal reflections on daily quiet time and Bible study. Also accounts for various expenditures. Dated 1941.
  • Unknown author (2013-11-29)
    Three black and white photographs. The first is from a man standing at the door of a car. The second is from a young woman wearing traditional decorations and holding a small bunch of flowers in her hand. The third photograph ...
  • Untitled. 
    Unknown author (2013-11-27)
    Various lists of names, payments and programmes. Dates vary from late 1800 to 1930's.
  • Unknown author (2013-11-27)
    A list of names of the officers and members of the English Association, their aims, activities and publications. The last three pages contain information on a competition launched by the Repertory Play-Reading Society.
  • Norcross, W. (2013-11-27)
    Two articles on two pupils and their achievements after attending missionary schools.
  • Map. 
    Unknown author (2013-10-11)
    Handdrawn map. Coloured. Probably from the surrounds of the Swiss Mission at Valdezia.
  • Unknown author (2013-10-10)
    A list of names of people eligible to vote in the Giyani elections (October 17, 1973), with a notice encouraging people to vote for Daniel Marivate and Jan Stanley Shimati.
  • Unknown author (2013-10-10)
    The programme for "Sunday at home" for the Swiss girls during the autumn of 1931. Application for a passport by D. C. Marivate. Maps of the underground lines in London.
  • Unknown author (2013-10-08)
    Two calendar pages, one from January 1920 with a photograph of a mother and child, printed for the Swiss Mission. The second one is from August 1934.

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