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  • Renaud, K; Kotze, P (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1997)
    In many applications today multiple pre-existing database systems are integrated into a single multiple database system called a multi­database system. One of the biggest problems for transaction management in a multidatabase ...
  • Olivier, MS (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1997)
    Mobile computers pose special security risks since information contained on them can more easily be compromised. However, availability of information at the location where the mobile computer is to be used often outweighs ...
  • Remenyi, D (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1997)
    Business Process Reengineering (BPR) or Business Transformation is very difficult to manage successfully. There is a high failure rate of BPR projects and thus the risk associated with this type of work is high. Although ...
  • Van der Merwe, AJ; Labuschagne, WA (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1997)
    In 1985 Smith introduced a new way of deriving fully normalized tables. His method was based on the use of a dependency list and a dependency diagram to produce fifth normal form directly. We introduce the use of end-line, ...
  • Sanders, I; Tsai, C (South African Computer Society (SAICSIT), 1997)
    The goal of this research is to demonstrate that word prediction in a constrained domain like a programming language can be done effectively and hence has the potential to facilitate typing for disabled people who are ...

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