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  • Halland, Kenneth John (1994-08)
    We show how the non-monotonic nature of common-sense reasoning can be formalised by circumscription. Various forms of circumscription are discussed. A new form of circumscription, namely naive circumscription, is introduced ...
  • Van der Westhuizen, Petra Laura (2007-02)
    In this thesis, a particular class of agent is singled out for examination. In order to provide a guiding metaphor, we speak of control room agents. Our focus is on rational decision- making by such agents, where the ...
  • Viljoen, Elizabeth (1997-04)
    The inadequacy of the usual possible world semantics of modal languages when the meaning of 'belief' is attached to the modal operator is discussed. Three other approaches are then investigated. In the case of Moore's ...
  • Meyer, Thomas Andreas (1999-03)
    The ability to change one's beliefs in a rational manner is one of many facets of the abilities of an intelligent agent. Central to any investigation of belief change is the notion of an epistemic state. This dissertation ...
  • Horne, Tertia (1999-09)
    We consider a number of temporal logics, some interval-based and some instant-based, and the choices that have to be made if we need to construct a computational framework for such a logic. We consider the axiomatisation ...

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