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Dear Leslie,


thank you for your email, and interest in making Koedoe more available. I will read the documents this afternoon and get back to you asap.


In principle, as they will not be sold as part of a commercial venture, I dont think it will be a problem. We would probably like to have a link to the Koedoe site so that the researchers can be directed there for any other papers etc,


kind regards


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Dear Prof. Foxcroft,


There is a drive towards Open Access within Research institutions. Iím sure you would agree as the editor of Koedoe, that it is indeed setting the trend within South African conservation world concerning open access to peer-reviewed research. Unisa, as an Research Institution, has decided to encourage all researchers and academics to improve their open access profile via the Unisa Institutional repository (UIR). There are many articles which feature Unisa (or former TSA) researchers, which would greatly enhance the Unisa Institutional Repository. I would hereby wish to request permission from you, the editor of Koedoe, to include journal articles, pertaining to Unisa related research and research conducted by Unisa, from Koedoe, on the Unisa Institutional Repository for archival purposes.


Please find documentation attached for your perusal concerning the Unisa Institutional Repository and a consent letter for archiving journal articles from Koedoe. You are welcome to contact me should you have any queries concerning this request.


Kind regards

Leslie Adriaanse



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