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  • Unknown (2013-09-26)
    An address delivered to a school community on the art of teaching, and promoting the idea of holiday course for teachers. (Presumably delivered by DC Marivate.)
  • Unknown author (2013-10-07)
    An invitation to the marriage ceremony of Mr. Tlakula and Miss Pandeka at the Valdezia Mission Church on July 12, 1935. Various pages with handwritten lists of names. Prototype of an invitation to the marriage of the third ...
  • Unknown author (2013-12-03)
    Exercise book with various written exercises on geography and mathematics. Dated 1925 -1926.
  • Unknown author (2013-02-19)
    Untitled note on the appointment of an agricultural demonstator to the Elim and Spelonken area. Date on Valdezia stamp: 28 March 1935.
  • Unknown author (2013-07-17)
    Notes relating to the Valdezia Bulletin and The Light distribution. Dated 7 February 1936.
  • Untitled. 
    Unknown author (2013-11-27)
    Various lists of names, payments and programmes. Dates vary from late 1800 to 1930's.
  • Unknown author (2013-10-04)
    Programme of the Valdezia and Mambedi debating societies for the period July to December 1928.
  • Unknown author (2013-10-04)
    An outline of the proposed exhibition of the world-wide service of the Christian Church.
  • Marivate, D. C. (2013-10-04)
    A song composed by Rev. Marivate, dealing with the outbreak of World War 1 and the role of Hitler and Germany. Rev. Marivate composed the song while attending a Scout training course in London in 1939 when the war broke out.
  • Unknown author (2013-02-20)
    Notes concerning the Zoutpansberg Joint Council of Europeans and Africans. Dated 26 January 1936.

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