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A phenomenological research design illustrated 6049
The meaning of 'Organ of State` in South African law 3927
Success and failures of the organisation of African unity: lessons for the future of the African Union. 3406
The communal land tenure system: an analysis of some trends in the Ditsobotla area of the North West province 3284
Causes and consequences of rural-urban migration: the case of Woldiya town, North Ethiopia 2827
Aspects of money laundering in South African law 2687
The relationship between organisational culture and organisational commitment 2607
Knowledge of adolescents on abortion in Lagos University Teaching Hospital complex 2604
Le conflit des generations dans Sous l’orage de Seydou Badian et Le porte-parole du president de Marcel Khombe Mangwanda 2446
The effect of relationship banking on customer loyalty in the retail business banking environment 2170

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