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  • Unknown author (Dept. of State Publication, 1966)
    A document compiled by the American Department of State on Bechuanaland (Botswana). Background notes on the population, history, economy, government and relations with South Africa. Includes a map of Southern Africa. Dated 1966.
  • Unknown author (2012-11-20)
    Departmental warrent from the Accounts General to the Botswana Foreign Service Mission, Washington providing authorisation for expenditure during the year ending 31 March 1967. Date stamped 31 October 1966.
  • Unknown author (1968-05-17)
    Article on the passing of Prof. Matthews and the transport of the body to Botswana for the funeral, published in The Friend. Dated 17 May 1968.
  • Morulaganyi (2012-11-16)
    Translation by Morulaganyi of a poem by R. D. Molefe to the Matthews family.
  • Unknown author (2012-10-26)
    Memorandum describes the Bechuanaland Project. Sent to Prof. Matthews by V. H. K. Littlewood on 2 June 1966.
  • Freeborn, L. J. (2012-11-16)
    Certificate in terms of Regulation 60 (as amended) of the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope. Dated 24 November 1961. (To accompany a letter from L. J. Freeborn to Prof. Z. K. Matthews dated 25 November 1961).
  • Unknown author (2012-10-25)
    Prof. Z.K. Matthews' notes on the "Christian Message" and the struggle for freedom.
  • Unknown author (1952-01-25)
    A note on the death of Mrs. Bokwe, the South African representative at the centenary celebrations of the Church of Scotland Women's Foreign Mission in 1937. Published in The Daily Scotsman. Dated 25 January 1952.
  • Unknown author (2012-12-07)
    Cover letter for the Departmental warrent no. F1 for the 1966/1967 financial year from Botswana Ministry of Finance to the Botswana High Commissioner. Dated 1 November 1966.
  • Unknown author (2012-11-16)
    The delegates of the N. G. Kerk of the Cape Province and Transvaal give further explanation of their deliberations on the World Council of Churches. Issued 27 December 1960.
  • Unknown author (1966-08)
    Article on Prof. Matthews being appointed the representative of Botswana at the headquarters of the United Nations. With an overview of his life's achievements. Published in S.A. Outlook, August 1966, p. 123.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-11-19)
    Draft letter from Prof. Z. K. Matthews to the President of the United States of America, on his appointment as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Botswana.
  • Unknown author (2012-10-16)
    Tshekedi Khama, Acting Chief of the Bamanwato nations's draft declaration in the matter between himself and His Excellency Sir William Clark,in his capacity as High Commissioner of the Bechuanaland Protectorate.
  • Unknown author (1966-08)
    A summary of Professor Z. K. Matthews' education and achievements on his appointment as representative of Botswana at the United Nations, New York. Dated August 1966.
  • Unknown author (1961-08-19)
    Report on the T. B. Davie Memorial Lecture delivered by Prof. Matthews at the University of Cape Town. Article published in The Cape Argus. Dated 19 August 1961.
  • Unknown author (2012-11-20)
    Botswana Foreign Service expenditure estimates with explanations and notes for the six months October 1966 to March 1967.
  • Unknown author (2012-10-23)
    Document provides information regarding the policy, present position and future development of education in the Bechuanaland Protectorate.
  • Unknown author (1935-11-09)
    Report on the social function to welcome back to Africa Prof. and Mrs. Matthews. Including a guestlist. Article published in The Bantu World. Dated 9 November 1935.
  • Ndamse, C. M. C. (2012-11-16)
    Copy of a tribute to Prof. Z. K. Matthews by C. M. C. Ndamse at Umtata, sent to Mrs. F. Matthews. Dated 19 May 1968.
  • Khama, Tshekedi (1936-07)
    The draft of "Chieftainship under Indirect Rule" Khama, Tshekedi, Journal of the Royal African Society Vol.35, No.140 (July 1936), pp. 251-261. A response to Prof. Victor Murray's article Education under Indirect Rule, ...

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