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  • Van Dusen, Henry P. (Christianity and Crisis, 1953-02-16)
    Published article by H. P. Van Dusen about his visit to South Africa, the current political state and the state of native Africans in South Africa, as well as the role of Churches.
  • Unknown author (2012-11-12)
    A document with examples from the Hansard reports of the House of Assembly debates on the Fort Hare Transfer Bill. Each statement is answered and the correct facts are given. Dated 1 July 1959.
  • Unknown author (1959)
    A 1959 edition of The Fortharian (student magazine of the University College of Fort Hare) in which miscellaneous news items and information on student life were published. Contains contributions in the form of poetry and ...
  • Unknown author (2012-11-13)
    An invitation to a dinner in honour of Prof. and Mrs. Z. K. Matthews, held by the Friends Committee on Race Relations on 6 March 1953.
  • Unknown author (2012-10-25)
    The American Association of University Professors expresses its support for the South African Universities in their struggle against compulsory race segregation and government control of higher education.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-11-13)
    Theme and subtitles of lectures by Prof. Z. K. Matthews to be presented at Howard University, spring lectures, on 14 April 1953.
  • Mbeki, Govan (2012-11-13)
    Points to be raised in a statement regarding the Fort Hare Union's condemnation of, and fight against, the Union Government's take-over of Fort Hare University College and the establishment of racially prejudiced university ...
  • Unknown author (2012-08-21)
    Kgosi Segofatsa Afrika, the translation of Nkosi Sikelel' I-Afrika.
  • Unknown author (2012-08-21)
    Kgosi Segofatsa Afrika. Song lyrics.
  • Jordan, A. C. (2012-08-21)
    Letter from A. C. Jordan (School of African Studies, University of Cape Town) to Z. K. Matthews, dated 29 January 1951. Mr Kunene is highly recommended as the right candidate for the vacancy at Fort Hare.
  • Ferreira, Alfred (2012-10-17)
    Alfred Ferreira writes to Prof. Matthews, wishing him well in the turbulent times and reminiscing of the good days they have spend together in the early days of Fort Hare. Dated 28 October 1959.
  • Goldberg, A. (2012-10-22)
    Mr. Abe Goldberg, on behalf of the Convocation of the University of Natal, congratulates Prof. Matthews on his firm stand on his principles and subsequent resignation from Fort Hare. Dated 7 December 1959.
  • Luthuli, A. (2012-09-21)
    A. Luthuli (President-General of the ANC) expresses the moral support of the Congress leadership to Prof. Z. K. Matthews after his resignation from Fort Hare. Dated 5 November 1959.
  • Galloway, A. S. (2012-08-23)
    Prof. A. S. Galloway from the Chemistry Department pleads the case of one of his students to ensure university accommodation. Dated 24 February 1956.
  • Tattersall, A. (2012-10-08)
    A. Tattersall, from the University College of East Africa, requests a testimonial letter on Lady Agnew from Prof. Matthews. Dated 27 August 1958.
  • Vilakazi, Absolom (2012-08-23)
    In this letter Absolom Vilakazi assures Prof. Matthews of his eagerness to accept the temporary position at Fort Hare, and his disappointment with Prof. Krige's decision. Dated January 1956.
  • Kerr, Alexander (2012-08-21)
    Letter from Alexander Kerr to Z. K. Matthews, dated 31 October 1935. The issue of housing for Z. K. Matthews and his family at Fort Hare is discussed.
  • Mbelle, Archie (2012-08-21)
    Letter from Archie Mbelle to Z. K. Matthews, dated 7 December, 1944. Attached a note from the Government Printing and Stationery Office.
  • Hopewell, Arthur (2012-11-09)
    Arthur Hopewell, from Arthur Hopewell & Co. offers financial assistance to Prof. Matthews. Dated 3 November 1959.
  • Hopewell, Arthur (2012-11-09)
    Acknowledgement letter from Arthur Hopewell & Co. to Prof. Matthews. Dated 9 November 1959.

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