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  • Unknown author (1958-08-15)
    Newspaper article about the 91 accused treason trialists having been told to base their defence on the evidence given at the preparatory examination in the light of the summary given at the indictment.
  • Unknown author (1952-01-25)
    A tribute to Mrs. Bokwe. Article published in the Edinburgh Evening News. Dated 25 January 1952.
  • Unknown author (1946)
    Newspaper article oulining some of the main points of an address by Prof. Z. K. Matthews on African education, as well as the implications thereof. Dated 1946.
  • Unknown author (2012-11-14)
    'An African Professor' gives the life history of Prof. Matthews. Used as reading exercise at the Botswana Extension College. Dated 1976. Accompanied by questions and answers sheets.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (1951-10)
  • Unknown author (1949-10-24)
    Article published in the Eastern Province Herald about an African view on Native policy, with reference to an article by Prof. Z. K. Matthews published in Race Relations.
  • Unknown author (1960-10-06)
    Professor Z. K. Matthews, the last witness to be called by the defence, gives evidence at the treason trial. (Daily Dispatch, 6 October 1960.)
  • Unknown author (1968-05-20)
    A report, with photographs, on the burial service of Prof. Matthews in Botswana. Article published in The World. Dated 20 May 1968.
  • Maxwell, Winifred A. (1957-03-21)
    Newspaper article by Winifred A. Maxwell in the Easter Province Herald [?] about the Separate University Education Bill being a betrayal of university ideals in South Africa. Dated 21 March 1957.
  • Whittock, T. G. (1957-03-21)
    Letter to the editor of the Daily Dispatch, by T. G. Whittock. He writes in response to recent remarks by Dr. Verwoerd about "Black Englishmen" with regards to the Separate University Education Bill. Dated 21 March 1957.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (1953-05-02)
    Perspectives from the black people in South Africa with regards to the political and racial questions during the early days of apartheid. Dated 2 May 1953.
  • Unknown author (1968-05-17)
    Article on the passing of Prof. Matthews and the transport of the body to Botswana for the funeral, published in The Friend. Dated 17 May 1968.
  • Unknown author (1959-11-06)
    Newspaper article published in The Leader about the Nationalist government's take-over of the University College of Fort Hare and the treatment of Prof. Z. K. Matthews. Dated 6 November 1959.
  • Unknown author (1949-07-16)
    Article published in the Inkundla Ya Bantu about the elections of the African National Congress (Cape) during which Prof. Z. K. Matthews was elected as president in the place of Rev. James A. Calata.
  • Unknown author (1952-01-25)
    A note on the death of Mrs. Bokwe, the South African representative at the centenary celebrations of the Church of Scotland Women's Foreign Mission in 1937. Published in The Daily Scotsman. Dated 25 January 1952.
  • Nomnganga, N. (1949-11-12)
    Article by N. Nomganga, published in the Inkundla Ya Bantu, in response to a letter in the Inkundla of 29 October 1949 by J. G. Matthews about the Native Representative Council and the African National Congress.
  • Unknown author (1959-11-25)
    The sentences and convictions of 108 Native women for "a breach of peace" in the Tugela Ferry Magistrate's Court on October 28 have been set aside by Mr. Justice Caney and Mr. Justice Fannin in the Supreme court, Maritzburg.
  • Unknown author (2012-11-19)
    Article published in the Bulawayo Chronicle about the death of the oldest man in Africa and the dramatic events during his 130 years of life.
  • Unknown author (1959-10-23)
    Newspaper article published in the Natal Daily News about the new rector, Prof. J. J. Ross' visit to Fort Hare University College to discuss problems connected with the transfer of Fort Hare to the Department of Bantu ...
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-01-06)
    In this article the division of the Ba-Rolong after the death of Chief Tau is discussed. The chief had five sons and quarrels over succession led to the formation of four separate tribes. The fifth brother, Makgetla, joined ...

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