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  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-11-15)
    Letter from Prof. Matthews to the Station Commander, Fort Beaufort Railway Police. Dated 7 November 1960.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-10-26)
    Prof. Matthews thanks Mr. V. H. K. Littlewood for his letter of 2 June 1966 and the enclosed memorandum on the Bechuanaland Project. Dated 21 June 1966.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-11-15)
    Prof. Matthews writes to W. H. Hutt to accept an invitation to deliver a T. B. Davie Memorial Lecture for the Students' Visiting Lecturers Organisation. Dated 29 June 1961.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-09-18)
    Letter from Prof. Z.K. Matthews to Dr. Andrew W. Lind in response to Lind's invitation to participate in the "Race Relations in World Perspective" conference, Hawaii, 28 June - 23 July 1954. Dated 27 October 1953.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-06-18)
    Letter to the Secretary for Native Affairs, Mr. D. L. Smit, by Prof. Z.K. Matthews responding on the matter of the salary of the Native Boarding House Master. Dated 28 December 1942.
  • Matthews, Zacharia Keodirelang (2012-06-18)
    In this letter Prof. Z.K. Matthews responds to an earlier letter by the senator. The way forward in stating the case of the Natives in South Africa is discussed, and more detail concerning the grant system to Fort Hare is given.
  • Whyte, Quintin (2012-10-16)
    Q. Whyte writes to Mrs. Frieda Matthews to express sympathy on the loss of her husband, Prof. Z. K. Matthews. Dated 13 May 1968.
  • Whyte, Quintin (2012-10-15)
    Q. Whyte writes to Prof. Matthews in connection with the Executive Committee's recommendations regarding the liquor laws and their effect on non-white persons. Dated 8 February 1961.
  • Whyte, Quintin (2012-09-04)
    Director Quintin Whyte replies to a previous letter from Prof. Matthews in which he had suggestions with regard to the Inter-departmental Committee. Dated 8 August 1956.
  • Whyte, Quintin (2012-08-27)
    Concerns are raised on Government's proposal of a Northern African University. Dated 30 July 1956.
  • Whyte, Quintin (2012-08-27)
    Correspondence between Quintin Whyte, the Director of the South African Institute of Race Relations, and Prof. Z. K. Matthews on university apartheid and united student protest action. Dated 16 October 1956.
  • Whyte, Quintin (2012-10-16)
    Letter from Quintin Whyte, Director of the South African Institute of Race Relations, to Prof. Z.K. Matthews informing him that he has been elected as the vice-president of the Institute. Dated 21 November 1956.
  • Lindeque, R.C. (2012-10-16)
    Letter from R. C. Lindeque to Prof. Z. K. Matthews regarding his son John's passport application. Dated 5 June 1959.
  • Cox, Rowland (2012-10-25)
    R. Cox writes to Prof. Matthews, inviting him to speak at the National Study Conference at Princeton University on international conflict and violence. Dated 6 April 1967.
  • Morrison, R. H. (2012-10-08)
    R. H. Morrison, a white South African citizen, salutes Prof. Matthews on his brave decision to resign from Fort Hare. Dated 30 October 1959.
  • Shepherd, R. H. W. (2012-08-21)
    Note from R. H. W. Shepherd from the Lovedale Missionary Institution to Z. K. Matthews, dated 9 October, 1950.
  • Shepherd, R. H. W. (2012-08-21)
    Letter from R. H. W. Shepherd (from the Lovedale Missionary Institution) to Z. K. Matthews asking for his opinion on the translation of Nkosi Sikelel' I-Afrika. Note dated 1 June, 1950.
  • Jeffery, R. M. (2012-11-14)
    R.M. Jeffery, director of the South African Church Institute, asks Rev. A.W. Blaxall to find somebody to write an objective article on the bus boycott. Dated 6 March 1957.
  • Barnes, Roswell P.; Bilheimer, Robert S. (2012-10-17)
    R. P. Barnes and R. S. Bilheimer write to Prof. Matthews regarding a survey in connection with racial issues and the Christian Church, in preparation for the World Council Assembly. Dated 24 October 1952.
  • Ginsberg, R. P. (2012-10-15)
    R. P. Ginsberg writes to Prof. Matthews regarding weekly articles for Imvo Zabantsundu (IMVO) and the copyright thereof. Dated 12 October 1961.

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