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An analysis of the legitimacy and effectiveness of Salafee scholarship as an antidote to extremism

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dc.contributor.advisor Dadoo, Yousuf, 1952- Green, Craig 2019-11-19T07:32:55Z 2019-11-19T07:32:55Z 2019-11
dc.description.abstract The label Salafee-Jihaadee has been used to categorize Islamic groups that espouse violence against the West and Muslim regimes. The typology of Salafee- Jihaadee is met with vehement disapproval and criticism from adherents to Salafism. For this reason, the portrayal of Salafees as violent extremists requires scrutiny. This study aims to make a unique contribution to knowledge of Salafism by surveying an extensive literature review, supplemented by interviews of known Salafee clerics based upon the premise that Salafism is an antidote to Islamic extremism rather than a cause of violent jihaad and terror. Furthermore, this research aims to offer new insight into existing literature and theory regarding Salafism. By re-examining current theory this research attempts to show that Salafism is an antidote to violent extremism. Therefore, there is a clear need to explore the relationship between Salafism, violent extremism, and takfeerism. In chapter one Salafism is defined and its key features as a movement are characterized and evaluated. Chapter two analyzes Salafees’ view and role in denouncing violence and extremism. Chapter three introduces alternative assessments of Salafism as a movement and evaluates the arguments put forth by its critics. Chapter four investigates Salafist perceptions of pluralism particularly in Western non-Muslim societies. Chapter five details the role of Salafees and their counter arguments to extremism. The final chapter details the conclusions of the research, which indicate that Salafism is not a precursor to violence, but rather the efforts of Salafee scholars offer effective counter-narratives to the jihaadeetakfeeree paradigm. en
dc.format.extent 1 online resource (269 leaves) : illustrations
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Ahl al-Sunna ara
dc.subject Counter-narrative en
dc.subject Extremist en
dc.subject Jihaadee ara
dc.subject Manhaj ara
dc.subject Salafee ara
dc.subject Salafism ara
dc.subject Shaikh ara
dc.subject Takfeer ara
dc.subject Terrorism en
dc.subject.ddc 297.83
dc.subject.lcsh Salafiyah -- Doctrines en
dc.subject.lcsh Salafiyah -- History en
dc.subject.lcsh Islamic sects en
dc.subject.lcsh Islamic fundamentalism en
dc.subject.lcsh Islam -- Doctrines en
dc.subject.lcsh Islamic renewal en
dc.subject.lcsh Sunna ara
dc.subject.lcsh Apostasy -- Islam en
dc.subject.lcsh Jihad en
dc.title An analysis of the legitimacy and effectiveness of Salafee scholarship as an antidote to extremism en
dc.type Thesis en
dc.description.department Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies en D. Litt. et Phil. (Islamic Studies)

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