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The impact of storytelling on the social development of learners with Asperger's Syndrome

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dc.contributor.advisor Jansen, C.A. (Prof.) en Sanders, Debbie Anne en 2009-08-25T11:01:46Z 2009-08-25T11:01:46Z 2009-08-25T11:01:46Z 2006-06-30 en
dc.identifier.citation Sanders, Debbie Anne (2009) The impact of storytelling on the social development of learners with Asperger's Syndrome, University of South Africa, Pretoria, <> en
dc.description.abstract This study investigates the nature of Asperger's Syndrome and specifically the social impairments experienced by learners affected by this syndrome. The incorrect social language, narrow interests and repetitive routines, and the deficits of theory of mind, central coherence and executive functioning of learners with Asperger's Syndrome are also outlined, and an attempt is made to relate these impairments to the social difficulties that learners with Asperger's Syndrome may experience in any inclusive setting. Chapters two and three comprise an in-depth literature study on this specific subject, thus forming a basis for the empirical research reported in chapter five. A qualitative research design is used, first to gain information about and understanding of the nature of the social impairments that afflict learners with Asperger's Syndrome, and secondly to gauge the effectiveness of using social stories as a means to assist the social development of affected learners. More specifically, an ethnographic research design has been chosen for its flexibility which readily permits last-minute adjustments to suit any design, and also because it helps to give meaning to personal encounters. The sensitive nature of the topic is another important reason for choosing this approach (ie. interaction with the researcher could be "fine-tuned" to achieve the ends of this adapted interview situation effectively, circumspectly and safely without undue upset for all concerned). The interview responses of two mothers of learners with Asperger's Syndrome, as well as the observation of these learners are reported. The results of the interviews and observations are checked against the literature study for corroboration in order to bring about a more positive awareness of the impairments experienced by these learners. The technique of social stories was investigated as a method of enhancing the social development of learners with Asperger's Syndrome. Three specific social stories were developed for this research in order to test the effectiveness of this method. Positive outcomes were achieved after implementation of the stories. Results of this study indicated that knowledge and understanding of Asperger's Syndrome, as well as positive attitudes, are critical to ensure the acceptance and accommodation of learners with Asperger's Syndrome in the school environment and in society as a whole. Also, the issue of accommodating learners with Asperger's Syndrome in an inclusive setting should receive concerted attention since it can have major implications for their educational prospects. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Asperger's Syndrome en
dc.subject Central coherence en
dc.subject Executive functioning en
dc.subject Language impairments en
dc.subject Learners with Asperger's Syndrome en
dc.subject Narrow interests en
dc.subject Repetitive routine en
dc.subject Social impairments en
dc.subject Social stories en
dc.subject Theory of mind en
dc.subject.lcsh Asperger's syndrome in children
dc.subject.lcsh Asperger's syndrome -- Patients
dc.subject.lcsh Asperger's syndrome -- Patients -- Education
dc.subject.lcsh Developmentally disabled children
dc.subject.lcsh Developmentally disabled children -- Education
dc.subject.lcsh Narrative therapy
dc.subject.lcsh Child development
dc.subject.lcsh Social interaction in children
dc.title The impact of storytelling on the social development of learners with Asperger's Syndrome en
dc.type Thesis en en
dc.description.department Educational Studies en Thesis (D. Ed.)

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