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The cultural social and political similarity of the Bafokeng, Bakuena and the Bataung lineages amongst the Sotho

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dc.contributor.advisor Matjila, D. S. (Daniel Sekepe), 1961-
dc.contributor.advisor Hoeane, Thabisi Monyakane, Thato Mabolaeng Maryanne 2017-03-22T08:48:36Z 2017-03-22T08:48:36Z 2016-06
dc.identifier.citation Monyakane, Thato Mabolaeng Maryanne (2016) The cultural social and political similarity of the Bafokeng, Bakuena and the Bataung lineages amongst the Sotho, University of South Africa, Pretoria, <> en
dc.description.abstract The central argument that underpins this thesis is that the Bataung, Bafokeng and the Bakuena lineages are found across all the Basotho groups of Basotho (Southern Sotho), Batswana and Bapedi. The thesis concerns itself with the similarity of the Sotho groups, a topic that has seldom received a sustained scholarly attention. Scholars have devoted much attention in discussing Sotho groups of Batswana, Basotho (Southern Sotho) and Bapedi, but their concern has mostly been to describe one group at the time discussing their cultural, social and political dimensions.The thesis aim investigates the oneness of Sotho by discussing the cultural, social and political similarities of the Batswana, Basotho (Southern Sotho) and Bapedi. The thesis drew on a range of semi-structured interviews with academics, senior people with knowledge of Sotho culture and literature to crystallise the information from the narrative analysis of documents, media and secondary literature. The thesis maintains that Basotho (Southern Sotho), Batswana and Bapedi are similar people. Their cultural dimension shows they have similar languages that share the same collection of words (langue) that indicates the same same origin. They also share the name ‘Basotho’ ~ Abeshundu that emanates from their similar way of dressing. The Sotho groups’ social dimension shows that they have similar practices of birth, raising children, lebollo (initiation school) and handling of death. They share similar games, folktales and taboos that reflect the aforementioned four cycles of human experiences in similar narratives across the groups. The thesis finds that Sotho groups have similar way of governance. They come together in the hierarchy of similar clans (e.g. Bafokeng, Bataung and Bakuena), chiefdoms and a group. These subdivisions in a group help with the allocation of resources for each individual and maintaining status quo in governance. The Sotho groups have similar proverbs and idioms to counsel proper leadership. The thesis discusses Sotho groups together as they come from the same origin although they have gone their separate ways. The thesis uses Gellner and Smith theories of ethnicity to explain the similarity of the Sothogroups. Gellner’s view is that one chooses to belong to a particular culture and associates oneself with people who practice this culture. Ethnicity is socially constructed due to experiences and people’s circumstances. Smith complements the description of the Sotho in forming different groups by saying that in these groups, there are memories of shared historical past. There is a continuum of the original culture where the groups have resemblance in their ways of life and symbolical elements, although adapted to their new environments and time. The variations of the groups’s practices are not their differences but they are changes caused by a quest to adapt to the new environment. en
dc.format.extent 1 online resource (viii, 207 leaves)
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Bapedi (Northern Sotho) en
dc.subject Basotho (Southern Sotho) en
dc.subject Basotho “Abeshundu” en
dc.subject Batswana en
dc.subject Chieftaincy en
dc.subject Ethnicity en
dc.subject Initiation rite (lebollo) en
dc.subject Life stages (Social practices) en
dc.subject Sotho language en
dc.subject Sotho lineages (Bafokeng, Bakuena, Bataung) en
dc.subject Sotho people en
dc.subject.ddc 305.8963977
dc.subject.lcsh Bafokeng (African people) -- Kings and rulers en
dc.subject.lcsh Kwena (African people) -- Kings and rulers en
dc.subject.lcsh Tribal government -- South Africa -- Taung en
dc.subject.lcsh Sotho (African people) en
dc.subject.lcsh Anthropology -- History en
dc.title The cultural social and political similarity of the Bafokeng, Bakuena and the Bataung lineages amongst the Sotho en
dc.type Thesis en
dc.description.department African Languages en D. Litt. et Phil. (African Languages)

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