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Hazing in orientation programmes in boys-only secondary schools

Show simple item record Huysamer, C. Lemmer, E.M. 2013-09-11T08:43:41Z 2013-09-11T08:43:41Z 2013
dc.identifier.citation Huysamer, C. & Lemmer, E.M. (2013) Hazing in orientation programmes in boys-only secondary schools. South African Journal of Education 33(3) 1-22 en
dc.identifier.issn 02560100
dc.description.abstract Hazing, associated with initiation, aims at taking newcomers from novice status to a status of functional and acknowledged members of a new group. However, the process is often dangerous, injurious, and usually secretive. Hazing may occur as an unauthorised component of institutionally sanctioned orientation programmes commonly held for new students at educational institutions at the beginning of the academic year. This study focuses on the occurrence of hazing elements in orientation programmes (OP) for Grade 8 boys primarily run by Grade 12 learners in boys-only secondary schools in South Africa. A cross-sectional survey was conducted by administering a researcher-designed questionnaire to a non-probabilistic sample of 296 Grade 12 learners enrolled at three boys-only secondary schools in Johannesburg. The computer assisted analysis strategy included frequency distributions, exploratory factor analysis, and analysis of variance. Findings indicated that respondents generally agreed with regard to the structure, aims, and behaviours common to orientation programmes. Respondents strongly disagreed about the occurrence of physical and sexual abuse and activities aimed at discomfort in the OP; however, respondents showed ambivalence about the occurrence of certain activities, which may deteriorate into hazing. Prior experience of an orientation programme when in Grade 8; length of enrolment in the school, and boarder status affected respondents’ perceptions of certain aspects of orientation programmes. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher EASA en
dc.rights © EASA 2013
dc.subject Boys-only secondary schools en
dc.subject Gender theory en
dc.subject Grade 8 learners en
dc.subject Grade 12 learners en
dc.subject Hazing en
dc.subject Learner safety and wellbeing en
dc.subject Masculinity en
dc.subject Orientation programmes en
dc.subject Psychological research en
dc.subject Survey research en
dc.title Hazing in orientation programmes in boys-only secondary schools en
dc.type Article en
dc.description.department Educational Foundations en

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