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  • Du Toit, Cornel W. (Research Institute for Theology and Religion, 2009)
  • Ibbotson, Percy; Ramushu, Oswald D. (2013-05-28)
    Booklet on African family life and the retention of moral codes amidst the social and moral deterioration in present-day life.
  • Jabavu, D. D. T. (Lovedale Press, 1942-02)
    Booklet by D. D. T. Jabavu with a plea for the establishment of an indigenous African church in South Africa. Dated 14 February, 1942.
  • Jabavu, D. D. T. (Lovedale Press, 1936-06)
    Booklet by D. D. T. Jabavu, containing the presidential address given at the All African Convention. Dated 29 June 1936.
  • Mahao, Nqosa Leuta (Mazenod, Lesotho, 2011)
  • Co-operative Education; CTM Standing Committee (South African Society for Cooperative Education in collaboration with the CTP, 2000)
    The competitive edge of technikons is founded largely in the practice of cooperative education. The World Association for Co-operative Education (WACE) defines cooperative education as a method of education that combines ...
  • Bentley & Forster, Wessel & Dion (Research Institute for Theology and Religion, University of South Africa, 2012)
  • Jabavu, D. D. T. (Lovedale Institution Press, 1920)
    Various papers and addresses by D. D. T. Jabavu on various Native problems. Forewrod by John X. Merriman. Second edition, dated 1920.
  • Unknown author (The Capricorn Africa Society, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, 1955)
    Handbook for speakers to interpret the purpose and programme of the Capricorn Africa Society. Includes questions and answers, aims and guiding principles. Dated 1955.
  • South African Public Library (Bridekirk, 1834)
    Catalogue of the books available in the Public Library in Cape Town in 1834. It includes the Dessinian Collection of Books which was left to the Library by Mr Joachim Nicholas van Dessin. The Benefactors to the South ...
  • Clasquin-Johnson, Michel (Clasquin-Johnson on Smashwords, 2011-03-17)
    Volume I in this series ended up more unified than I had planned. There are a few shorter pieces in it that are apropos of nothing at all, but for most of it, now that I read it again, I see how it reflects my own astonishment ...
  • Clasquin-Johnson, Michel (Michel Clasguin-Johnson on Smashwords, 2011-01-13)
    The emergence of e-books has created new opportunities for academic authors. Like many academics, there are a number of shorter works that I have published over the years for which I never signed away the electronic ...
  • Dames, Gordon Ernest (AcadSA Publishing, 2014-11-04)
    What can practical theology contribute to the transformation of the South African society? This is a challenging question if one is willing to start from the assumption that the crisis is deep (in terms of existential ...
  • Jabavu, D. D. T. (Lovedale Press, 1935)
    Booklet written by D. D. T. Jabavu, outlining Bantu opinion of the Native Bills proposed by the Department of Native Affairs (Pamphlet One). Dated 1935.
  • Opondo, Patricia & Landman, Christina (Research Institute for Theology and Religion, 2013-04)
  • De Jonge, Klaas (Amsterdam: Van Gennep, 1987)
  • Hoffmann, Carl Adolf Gustav (Verlag der Buchhandlung der Berliner evangel. Missiongesellschaft., 1908)
    Publication detailing the true story of the life of a Northern Sotho child, Mankchodi, from birth to old age. Dated 1908.
  • Unknown author (Unisa Press, 2005)
    Sharing and cross-pollination of traditional university-type and former technikon-type 'work-integrated learning' practices. A collection of peer reviewed articles.
  • Jabavu, D. D. T. (Lovedale Press, 1932)
    Booklet written in Xhosa by D. D. T. Jabavu. Dated 1932.

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