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  • Coetzee, Marié A; Suttie, Mary-Lynn (2011-12-14)
    In 1893 MK Gandhi left for South Africa to act in a lawsuit between two Indian trading concerns. He established a legal practice in Durban and in 1894 founded the Natal Indian Congress. Gandhi was also responsible for ...
  • Moodie, Charles Anthony Edward. (2000-11)
    The 'postmodern challenge' is increasingly felt in the 'end of modernity' to which Gianni Vattimo refers. The West and the world has hitherto been dominated by what Andrew Gamble characterises as the Modern or Western ...
  • Unknown author (2013-05-14)
    Illustrated portrait of C. Kapuuo.
  • Unknown author (2013-05-14)
    Illustrated portrait of C. Ndjoba.
  • van Wyk, Jo-Ansie (2009)
    The transition from apartheid to democracy in South Africa is widely regarded as an exemplary case of an elite political settlement. Moreover, South Africa’s political history in the last two decades can certainly be ...
  • Steyn M.M.D.V.; Alexander P.M.; Rohm D. (1996)
    A series of computer-aided learning (CAL) lessons for first year analytical chemistry was developed by the University of South Africa (UNISA) and made available to students as an optional learning activity. Evaluation of ...
  • Unknown author (2013-10-08)
    Two calendar pages, one from January 1920 with a photograph of a mother and child, printed for the Swiss Mission. The second one is from August 1934.
  • Duminy, J. P. (2012-07-06)
    The call for reappraisal by J. P. Duminy, 13 October 1961. Typed document.
  • Geldenhuys, Dirk J; Van Niekerk A; Levin MM (2012)
    Organisations expanding their business to African countries place particular emphasis on risk management and tend to follow known practices applicable to their own context. An investigation was conducted into the experiences ...
  • Unknown author (2013-04-25)
    Poster by the African National Congress, calling for votes amongst Islamic supporters.
  • Loader, James Alfred (Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2009)
    On the one hand, the often held thesis is challenged that Calvin, contrary to his rejection of allegorical exegesis, himself supported an allegorical understanding of the Song of Songs. On the other hand, a proposal is ...
  • Bentley, Wessel (Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2009)
    John Calvin described the Holy Spirit as fons vitae, the fountain of life. Moltmann and others deduce from this statement that, according to Calvin, every experience in life can be a discovery of the Spirit’s power. This ...
  • Vosloo, Robert (Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2009)
    The concurrent celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth, the 450th anniversary of the opening of the Genevan Academy and 150 years of theology at Stellenbosch invite reflection on theological education. ...
  • Landman, Christina (Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2009)
    For the past three-and-a-half centuries, Christian women in South Africa have chosen for pietistic expressions of their faith, even when their teachers or husbands were committed to dogmatic Calvinism. This article ...
  • Ruele, Moji (Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2009)
    Botswana has undergone tremendous socioeconomic and political transformation and, as a result, the country can be said to be a success story and a true model of a liberal democracy on the African continent. Given this ...
  • Loader, James A. (OpenJournals Publishing, 2009)
    This paper shows how Calvin’s ideas about the Old Testament concept of Israel’s election can be dangerous when they are applied uncritically. The main illustration material is drawn from a context the author was himself ...
  • Unknown author (2012-11-07)
  • Unknown author (2013-02-19)
  • Unknown author (2012-11-08)
  • Unknown author (2012-11-08)

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