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  • Gibbs, Mark (2012-11-16)
    M. Gibbs writes to Prof. Matthews in connection with a foundation for lay education experiments in South Africa. Dated 4 October 1966.
  • Nuttall, Michael (2012-11-09)
    Michael Nuttall, chairman of the Grahamstown Branch of the Liberal Party of South Africa, congratulates Prof. Matthews on his decision to resign from the University of Fort Hare. Dated 13 November 1959.
  • Sinclair, Margaret (2012-11-15)
    M. Sinclair writes to Prof. Matthews to offer him a gift subscription to the International Review of Missions for the current year. Dated 1 June 1961.
  • Saga, M. T. (2012-11-16)
    M. T. Saga congratulates Prof. Matthews on recent successes. He points out a few errors regarding the content in some of his articles. Dated 11 October 1961.
  • Ngwane, Merriman Wilmot (2012-08-24)
    Letter from a student requesting assistance with admittance to Fort Hare.
  • Wilson, Monica (2012-11-16)
    M. Wilson writes to Prof. Matthews regarding certain papers he left behind after the 1961 T. B. Davie Memorial Lecture and scholarships and fellowships offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Dated 24 ...
  • Kossew, M.B (2012-10-16)
    Letter from M.B. Kossew, deputy chairman and managing director of African Horizon insurance company, to Prof. Z.K. Matthews, one of the directors. Dated 18 September 1957.
  • Kossew, M.B. (2012-10-16)
    Letter from M.B. Kossew, deputy chairman and managing director of African Horizon insurance company to Prof. Z.K. Matthews, one of the directors. Dated 14 October 1957.
  • Gibbs, Mark (2012-11-15)
    Letter from Mark Gibbs, director of the Audenshaw Foundation to Prof. Matthews about his new position in Washington as ambassador and for the United Nations. Dated 6 September 1966.
  • Benson, Mary (2012-10-26)
    Letter from Mary Benson requesting further information from Prof. Z.K. Matthews as she writes Tshekedi Khama's biography. Dated 1 October 1959.
  • Benson, Mary (2012-10-25)
    Aerogram letter from Mary Benson to Prof. Matthews recalling Tshekedi Khama's final days alive and a request for Z.K. to write something about his friendship with Tshekedi for the biography that she was writing. Dated 23 ...
  • Loewen, Melvin J. (2012-11-16)
    Letter sent from Dr. Melvin J. Loewen, Rector of the The Free University of Congo to Prof. Z. K. Matthews, regarding a university board meeting. Dated 30 August 1966.
  • Pastor, Mercedes (2012-11-20)
    Invitation from Mercedes Pastor on behalf of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Honorary Chairperson, to Professor and Mrs. Z. K. Matthews to the fifth annual Hope Ball. Dated 6 March 1967.
  • Erskine, J. (2012-11-16)
    Ms. J. Erskine informs Dr. J. A. H. J. S. Bruins Slot, chief Editor of Trouw, that Prof. Matthews left the Council's employment and that his letter has been forwarded. Dated 14 September 1966.
  • Erskine, J. (2012-10-26)
    Letter from Prof. Z. K. Matthews' secretary at the World Council of Churches, Miss J. Erskine, to Dr. W.A. Hunton of Encyclopaedia Africana, providing him with Z. K. Matthews' contact details in Botswana. Dated 13 September 1966.
  • Henderson, Moira (2012-10-16)
    Letter from Moira Henderson, Honorary Secretary of the Continuation committee to Prof, Z.K. Matthews, inviting him to speak at Union Day service of dedication on 29 May 1960. Dated 15 September 1959.
  • Henderson, Moira (2012-10-23)
    Letter from Moira Henderson to Prof. Z.K. Matthews following up on the Continuation Committee of the Archbishop's conference invitation for him to speak at their Union Day dedication service. Dated 19 November 1959.
  • Chapman (2012-11-13)
    The acting principal of the University College of Fort Hare writes to Secretary for Education, H. van der Walt, concerning the activities of Prof. Z. K. Matthews and how to address the issue. Dated 27 July 1953.
  • Smit, D. L. (2012-06-18)
    A letter by the Secretary for Native Affairs, D. L. Smit, to Prof. Z.K. Matthews with regards to the salary scale of the Native Boarding House Master. Letter dated 24 December 1942.
  • Kossew, M. B. (2012-10-08)
    Mr. Kossew would like to meet with Prof. Matthews to discuss his position.

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