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  • d' Arboussier, Gabriel (2012-12-07)
    Congratulatory note to Prof. Z.K. Matthews on his appointment as the Permanent Representative of Botswana to the United Nations in New York, from the Executive Director of the United Nations Institute for Training and ...
  • Haynes, George E. (2012-11-14)
    George E. Haynes writes to Prof. Matthews with news on the successes of the American Committee on Africa. Dated 15 April 1956.
  • Haynes, George Edmund (2012-11-15)
    A personal letter by George E. Haynes to Z. K. and Frieda Matthews with news on the American Committee on Africa, the African Aid and Defense Fund and some personal matters. Mentions the African Studies Association and the ...
  • Houser, George M. (2012-11-14)
    Letter from George M. Hauser to Prof. Matthews regarding his plans since his release. Dated 2 September 1960.
  • Carpenter, George W. (2012-10-16)
    Letter from George W. Carpenter, from the International Missionary Council to Dr. Arthur W. Blaxall, Christian Council of South Africa, regarding the development of Christian Home and Family Life programs in Africa.
  • Cohn, Gerhard (2013-02-01)
    Gerard Cohn writes to Prof. Matthews, requesting him to sign a statement made to be handed to the press in which racialism and the present policy of the Nationalist Government is rejected and criticised.
  • Mbeki, Govan A. (2013-02-01)
    Govan A. Mbeki writes to Mr. Mbanjana Mesatywa with a copy of a letter he wrote to the Secretary of the Fort Hare Union, and asks Mr. Mesatywa to urge the Secretary to reply and respond to the requests in the letter. Dated ...
  • Mbeki, Govan (2012-11-14)
    Govan Mbeki writes to Mrs. F. Matthews about the future plans of a certain family member, as well as about the late Prof. Z. K. Matthews and other matters. Part of letter not in English. Dated 5 July 1971.
  • Mbeki, Govan (2012-10-09)
    Govan Mbeki stresses the importance of a timely anouncement of Prof. Matthews' decision regarding his position at Fort Hare. Dated 26 October 1959.
  • Coventry, H. Booth (2012-08-27)
    Letter from Rev. H. Booth Coventry to Prof. Z. K. Matthews to ask for figures on the graduates at Fort Hare. Dated 9 May 1956.
  • Dumbrell, Henry James Edward (2012-10-17)
    Letter from Henry James Edward Dumbrell, Director of Education, Bechualand Protectorate Government to Prof. Matthews, regarding a meeting to be held in Mafeking on 11th to 12th January 1942. Dated 2 January 1942.
  • Jowitt, H. (2012-11-14)
    Letter from H. Jowitt to Z.K. Matthews, thanking him for submitting a photograph for inclusion in his book. Dated 17 May 1956.
  • Jowitt, H. (2012-11-14)
    H. Jowitt of Basutoland University College, requests a photograph for his book. Dated 30 March 1956.
  • Taswell, H. L. T. (2012-11-16)
    H. L. T. Taswell writes to Mrs. F. Matthews to express sympathy on the loss of her husband, Prof. Z. K. Matthews. Dated 13 May 1968.
  • Menta, Hamilton (2012-10-17)
    H. Menta writes to Prof. Matthews regarding an article he has written about Prof. Matthews. Dated 29 August 1961.
  • Pollak, H. P. (2012-09-19)
    Mr. Pollak writes to Prof. Matthews on behalf of the Regional Committee of the S.A. Institute of Race Relations to congratulate him on his courageous decision to resign and wish him well for the future. Dated 3 November 1959.
  • Van Dusen, H. P. (2012-09-21)
    Prof. Matthews is offered the position of Luce Professorship, but again the uncertainty of obtaining a passport is mentioned. Dated 4 December 1959.
  • Van Dusen, Henry P. (2012-11-13)
    H. P. Van Dusen writes to Prof. Matthews in connection with the program of Advanced Religious Studies at the Union Theological Seminary. Dated 12 April 1956.
  • Pollak, Hansi (2012-09-27)
    H. Pollak writes to Prof. Matthews in support of the professor's decision to resign from Fort Hare. He offers financial support towards the education of Prof. Matthews' children. Dated 28 October 1959.
  • Burrows, H. R. (2012-11-19)
    H. R. Burrows thanks P. A. Moore for the copies of his questions to the House of Assembly, letters and Rand Daily Mail editorial. He continues with regard to Moore's efforts and support of the former staff members of Fort ...

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