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  • Unknown author (2013-05-22)
    Poster by the United Party, promoting Japie Basson. Dated 1966.
  • Unknown author (2013-06-19)
    Poster by the United Party, promoting Japie Basson. Dated 1966.
  • Unknown author (2013-06-04)
    Poster by the New Republic Party, promoting Japie Van Der Merwe.
  • Unknown author (2013-05-13)
    Poster by the Progressive Party, promoting Jean Sinclair. Dated 1962.
  • Unknown author (2013-07-24)
    Poster by the Progressive Party announcing a public meeting with Jean Sinclair and Prof. Le May.
  • Coetzee, Marie A (2009-12-21)
    Jeanne Kotzé Louw (1929- ) is a very talented and versatile South African artist who has played an important role in the country’s art world. The materials in the Collection are of great research value to scholars interested ...
  • Jeremiah 
    Masenya (ngwan'a Mphalele), Madipoane (Fortress, 2010)
  • Gathogo, Julius (Church History Society of Southern Africa, 2006)
    The article sets out to retrieve Jesse Mugambi’s life history as it surveys the key concepts of liberation and reconstruction in his works. In so doing, the study acknowledges that he became a household name in the ...
  • Lubbe, Linda Mary (1997-01)
    This dissertation examines the dynamics of the oral communication which takes place in the Easter Vigil at St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Thaba 'Nchu. The study uses an analytical framework drawn from Orality Theory and ...
  • Unknown author (2013-02-19)
    Bible study material about Jesus Christ as the light of the world, with various study sections and bible readings.
  • Jones, Patrick Patrese (2009-08-25)
    The introduction of this dissertation presents a brief summation of what other sources have ushered with regard to the question of who Jesus is. The problem we seek to resolve; the justification of this dissertation; the ...
  • Bacchioni, Philip Louis (1998-11)
    The Jesus of history and the Christ of faith are two different figures. Two centuries of search for the historical Jesus has led to greater awareness and better use of New Testament criticism, had ...
  • Muderhwa, Barhatulirwa Vincent (2009-08-25)
    This study investigates, via the socio-rhetorical approach, how the Jewish-Christian conflict that occurred during the formative period of early Christianity, and the environment contemporary to the writing of John, took ...
  • Myburgh, Jacobus Adriaan (1995-10)
    The diversity of Jesus images that resulted from historical Jesus research poses the single most pressing problem of the research endeavour. Diverse historical images lead one to ask questions about historiography. It is ...
  • Unknown author (2012-12-11)
  • Unknown author (2012-12-13)
  • Zannoni, Elio (2009-08-25)
    The exploratory study investigated jewellery store robbery from a victim risk and intervention perspective. An explanation of the phenomenon was offered based on the information obtained from a review of the existing ...
  • Rutstein, Esther (1997-01)
    The psyche of an entire people underwent a paradigm shift during the Palestinian Period (1920-1948). Jews took a spiritual quantum leap; they left the despair of the 'wastelands' of the Diaspora and journeyed towards the ...
  • Unknown author (2013-06-19)
    Poster promoting Jim Vining.
  • Oosthuizen, Rudolf M. (2009-08-25)
    Firefighters providing emergency services to the public are involved with some of the most tragic aspects of the boundary between life and death, often in a context over which they have little or no control. The outcome ...

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